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Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Orbit Infant System - Mocha

Product Description
Orbit Infant Car Seat:
The Orbit Infant Car Seat provides maximum security for your baby while making your life simpler and more comfortable. The Infant Car Seat fits infants up to 22 lbs. and 29 inches, and meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) and ASTM standards (F2050-03). The deep cradle design gives your baby one of the largest side-protection areas available on the market. It is the only car seat that ergonomically rotates into the patent-pending SmartHub for simple docking. It features 360-degree rotation on the Stroller that allows your baby to be rear, forward or even sideways-facing. The micro-fiber upholstery's patent-pending design easily removes for machine-washing. The unique ballistic nylon skin protects your seat and is padded for your carrying comfort. The patent-pending soft carrier handles enable exceptionally comfortable carrying. Orbit's exclusive Paparazzi Shield provides extra coverage and protection from the elements for your baby.

Orbit Base:
The Orbit Base makes your life easier and your child more secure by using the most advanced technology ever incorporated into car seat design. No base or car seat has ever been simpler or quicker to install safely. Patent-pending StrongArm technology makes a safe installation as easy and quick as the turn of a knob. The Base forms both the foundation for car seat safety in the Orbit Infant System, and is compatible with the Toddler Car Seat. The Base meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS213). Orbit's patent-pending SmartHub lets you easily dock the Infant Car Seat from almost any angle wiht no need to line up any grooves or notches. The aerospace-grade aluminum backbone provides unparalleled strength. The Base is LATCH-optimized, as well. With its high-end materials, fit and finish, the Base is designed to complement and accent your premium car interior.

Orbit Stroller:
The Orbit Stroller makes it


  • New families looking for the most advanced, most convenient, and most secure car seat and stroller system on the market can turn to the Orbit Infant System
  • This 3 piece starter kit forms a complete mobility solution for you and your baby the Infant Car Seat easily docks into both the Stroller and Base. Better yet, future Orbit seats will allow the kit to grow as your baby grows

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the best stroller, only if it had more color options
The orbit is by far the best stroller on the market. Not only for it's superior design-it looks better then any other- but also by it's superior finishing, cushioning, structure and handling. and It's easier to set it up. It does not have the configuration type of going on two wheels for all terrain/beach purposes, like others do, but I find that very unnecessary. In the other hand it is way easier to perform everyday activities like turning the seat to face in any direction, or disassembly for storage. The stroller does cost more then most of it's competitors , but that's compensated by it's greatest advantage; the car seat base. It not only makes unnecessary to buy a extra car seat, saving an extra $200 at least, but also works way better then other seats on the market looking very stylish small and discrete on the car when not in use. It works great and fits in any car. The system comes with the car base, the stroller structure, and the infant car/baby stroller seat, for $900. The bassinet must be purchase separately for $280 and it comes with a attachment that turns it into a rocker chair. It is expensive, but the products are of quality.

The big disadvantage on the orbit system comes on the color choice, as of now it only gives 2 color options -black and mocha- with the promise of a new ruby color for 2010. The company also does not sell fabric sets for replacement . They did release a "green edition" of the bassinet that came in a beautiful off white color made with organic "green" cotton, but that is sold out/not in the market anymore and when it was it costed the bizarre amount of $650- more then double the regular price . I've been looking to get this for my sister that's having the baby and really dreams about it, and believe me, it's impossible to get.

It's not a very customer friendly move of the company to make it so hard for the consumer to make his choice for the stroller color, specially when direct competitors like the bugaboo's offer so many and easy options for fabric color and fabric replacement. This is something that comes at almost no cost to the manufacturer and at great satisfaction to the customer. And to have the option at hand and release it for a limited on and off time for a absurd high price it's a cheap marketing practice, and really careless and aggressive with the customer, specially on this case when the customer is usually a mother going through all the anxieties of having her first baby. The stroller is expensive enough already, it leaves a greedy image to recur to such lame profit tactics.

I would pay the extra money for the "special edition" color -if I could only find it- to please my sister, of course, but not without the feeling of being deceived and deluded by the company, which I believe comes to a greater cost to their brand.

Orbit system review
This stroller system is absolutely amazing. In my opinion, it far exceeds the other strollers on the market such as the bugaboo and makes life so much easier for traveling and even day-to-day activities. Its very user-friendly. This the only stroller that rotates making it easier on your back for retreiving your child from the car seat out of the back seat. Also, if you are at a restaurant, the child can sit in the stroller and be rotated in the stroller making it convenient to fit next to the table. Both my sister and I own this stroller system and we couldn't be more thrilled. Also, I must comment on the customer service of this company. Orbit baby has incredible customer relations - they are so courteous, respectful, prompt and really care about their customers. Overall, my husband and I are so happy with this product - and we have all of their products: toddler car seat and stroller seat, bassinet, and infant seat. Would recommend to everyone!

great system for the techy dad
My daughter was born a preemie so she had to be tested in the car seat for 45 minutes before we could take her home. My daughter, only 5 lbs at the time, passed with flying colors. The nurses at the hospital said my orbit was the first they had ever seen, and mentioned that, with the newborn headrest, it worked great with small babies. My daughter cried for a minute or two then fell asleep for the rest of test with no sign of distress.

Now my daughter is 1 and she loves her orbit, it has grown with her perfectly. We constantly get compliments on our stroller system, it's definitely an eye catcher. My wife and I got the entire system including the bassinet, and the rocker. We love the fact that the bassinet and car seat dock into all parts (stroller, car docking, rocking base). The fact that the seat can rotate in the base is absolutely great! I've used other car seats in the past, and the orbit system is so convenient because you can rotate the car seat to face you to strap the baby in. I take my daughter and the family dog for a walk to the park, if the sun is in her eyes and the sun shade won't block the sun, all I need to do is rotate the seat in the base. You can also pull the stroller right up to a table at a restaurant and rotate the seat to save space or keep the stroller out of the aisles.

The car docking base is so easy to install. I brought my base and car seat to the local police station to have them check out the install and certify correct installation before I brought my daughter home from the hospital. The officer told me that they had heard of this system but had never seen one before. He was astonished to see how easy it was to install and how stabile it seemed. It took him about 5 minutes to read the directions, uninstall the base and then re-install. I've had my brother and my mother both move the base and system to their cars for a day or a weekend and they were both able to install the complete system in minutes.

The customer service is also friendly and very helpful. When I picked up the stroller the rear tire was flat, I just called up customer service and they over nighted me a new tube and pump so I could start using my stroller immediately. There are so many other features to talk about, but not enough time to type it all out. Definitely a great system!

This is the best stroller and carseat combo. So many of my friends warned me about purchasing a carseat stroller combo because of the bulk of most systems, but this is the exception. Not only is the carseat and stroller lightweight but the stroller folds up pretty small and easily fits in my trunk with plenty of room to spare. A busy mom will appreciate the flexible handle of the carseat and ease of the swivel feature when you have you hands full with other kids, groceries, etc.

The only downside is it is long and does require the front seat to be pushed forward making it almost unusable. I have an E class mercedes. But if another adult needs to be in the car they just sit in back, which no one minds sitting with the baby.

I would recommend this seat to everyone. My child loves being in this seat, he hates being in his other carseat in dad's car, making it easy to get him to fall asleep on a car ride! You really can not fully appreciate the system until you use it on a daily basis.

This product is amazing!
This stroller system is amazing and we get comments on it everywhere we go. The seat is on a circle so it spins completely around, letting you put the baby easily into the car and turning them securly into the rear facing system. The stroller is great too. It's lightweight and folds up easily. Plus you can face the baby in any direction - towards you or forward OR, for when you are at a restaurant you can pull them right up to the table with you. It's so easy to use and sturdy. Another plus is that the handle is not plastic which makes it easier to carry. It is heavy though but so worth it especially because I feel my baby is really safe in this seat. She's very far down (the sides come up high). Bonus, the sun shade is a great size. There's even a paparrazzi shield that covers the seat completely. And the bag that attaches to the bottom stays out of your way but holds a lot of stuff.

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